scanning film
picked up a few rolls a couple of days ago, finally managing to scan them now


Although not the exact style i want to achieve, i do like the idea of the group shot, with just silhouettes, no facial detail. 


A clothing label made famous for there use of reflective products.
Although the ORDER gear isn’t reflective, I really love the rough raw feel in this image. This is an image I will use as inspiration for my bike shots.

Our setup from the launch party at wasted years on Saturday night.
I shot a few rolls of film, which are going to be processed today.


An exhibition by Andrew Reynolds, the king of skateboarding.

What caught my attention in this image was the way the images are displayed, just pinned up, no frames, just roughly pinned to the wall, yet they are perfectly spaced, showing a sense of attention to detail. A quality we aim to show through ORDER. I can see this working for my major projects exhibition.


Terry Richardson

Raw, uncensored and provocative. A few words that pop into my head when trying to describe Richardson’s photographic style. Often using point and shoot cameras to create candid images, for example the above image of Lady Gaga.

The way he sees each image is something i aim to take from Richardson’s style, each image is something that could never be planned, it is a spontaneous moment. This is something i need to achieve in order to capture an insight into the ‘ORDER’ lifestyle.



On the 2nd of August 2014, ORDER, in collaboration with Wasted Years, will be holding there first product launch. Live music, live art, pop up stall, and much more will be happening on the night.

This is the first product launch for ORDER and myself, so i see this as being a huge opportunity to capture so nice shots



Supreme, one of, if not the largest ‘street wear’ label at the moment. They are exclusive, raw, and honestly don’t give a fuck what you think.

On the 2nd of August 2014, ORDER, in collaboration with Wasted Years, will be holding there first product launch. Live music, live art, pop up stall, and much more will be happening on the night. 

Although this photo may not be perfectly exposed, perfectly focused, or even perfectly composed, this photo is raw, and all these ‘mistakes’ add to this feel. I will be shooting all areas of the night, so my aim will be to capture the event using a shooting style relevant to ORDER.

I will only be shooting film, as it is my personal preference, and it wont be smart for me to be carrying around multiple cameras. I will be using black and white kodak tri-x 400 film, and testing oush processing, similar to the work of Yamasaki Ko-ji.


Breeding Ground.

Another exhibition I visited at the head on photo festival, this series was very nice to look at, although it was very different to my project.
Using props, and external lighting to create surreal images.
I really did enjoy the exhibition.


The Lost Boys of Sudan
Head On Exhibition

I visited a few head on exhibitions over the last few days. They were all very amazing, but for some reason this one caught my eye, it was my definite favourite by far.

You could almost feel the emotion and trauma through the photos. The photographer had done so well to connect to, and capture these people.

In my own project there will be shots where I will need to connect with my subject, this has given me inspiration and confidence with what I need to do.


A shot from Saturday.
Although we weren’t able to shoot exactly how I wanted (testing on film and developing using push processing) I did mange to get a few good shots, and test out a new way to edit them.
I really love the angles and gradients through this image, it makes your eye wander around the shot.
Also a big thanks to Alex for being such a good model for the day! Keen to work with you again!!


2014 / 05 / 24

One of the locations we shot at on Saturday.
We weren’t able to shoot the film we were after. But we were able to test a shooting style similar to Yamasaki Ko-ji.
Plus I am also editing the photos differently, to give a rougher and more raw feeling final product.


2014 / 05 / 27

Alexander Wu-Kim

On the weekend we are shooting our first range, so we have a more up to date lookbook for when we release our website.

We will be using Alex, a Sydney local, who happens to be very interested in the clothing brand too.

We also plan on testing some films so we can get the look we are after. If we aren’t able to shoot film we will be using digital and testing an editing style I believe fits the brands image.


2014 / 05 / 22

Yamasakiko Ko-Ji

"Is an alcoholic photographer. This is a very special ultra great funky crazy exciting man."

Personally I see a lot of the ORDER style in his images.
The rough grain, underexposed images with rich blacks and harsh whites, very bold, and raw images. He uses a process called push processing, giving rougher grain and higher contrast.

I hope to create my own version of this style myself for the brand. Experimenting with many black and white films, e.g tri-x.

I would also like to have a go at recreating it with digital cameras too. Creating an editing style that works and fits in with the ORDER style.



Mr. Grant Martin -

havin a good ol good one wearing our lakeside tee

available at our online store below

Mr. Grant Martin

Photo credit to Grant’s friend, shot on disposable film.
He has been a huge supporter of the brand ever since the beginning.
Plus he is a genuinely nice guy, working at Dover Street Market in NYC.

Thank you for the love bro.